Main Features

• Document management

• Task management

• Reports to units and individuals

• Meeting and work schedule management

• Information and notifications management

• Ledger management

• Other administrative functions

- ...


  • AIS system is built on the IBM Notes Domino platform and is service oriented (SaaS)
  • Secured with the password lock function after numbers of false login attempts and self-reactivate account according to specified time frame
  • Secured with one-time password authentication - OTP, digital signature (optional)
  • Notifications (work, documents..) via SMS, email, ...
  • Work anytime, anywhere on laptop, Ipad, smartphone, ...
  • Benefits

    - For managers: manage and administrate work documents anytime, anywhere. Capture complete information, making accurate decisions.

    - For staff: ease of managing and searching for documents related to current tasks. Grasping the work assigned by management quickly, provide timely report, ease of communication and discussion to improve work efficiency.

    - For archives unit: manage, distribute and search documents with ease and simplicity. Convey and commnunicate guidances from management to departments in a quick and timely manner.

    - For departments: effective internal information management. Easily in exchanging and sharing information. Saving costs and reduce labor. Intensify collaboration between individuals, departments.


    The AIS product has been honored with many prestigious awards such as the Gold medal in Vietnam Expo International Software Fair for Software 2004, Certificate of Merit of Sao Khue Award 2006, Sao Khue Award 2007 for IT product contributed remarkably to the development of the Vietnam software industry, the Certificate of Merit of the Ministry of Information and Communication for application solution with high efficiency in management, the Gold Cup for Information Technology For packaging software - commercial software...


    - Joint Stock Company for Telecoms and Informatics(CTIN). Address: Alley 158/2 Hong Mai Street, Quynh Loi Ward, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City, Vietnam. Tell: +84-4-38634597/ Fax: +84-4-38632061/ Email:

    - Contact Email:

    - Product support and demo: Phone: 0916842346. Email:


    The National Assembly of Vietnam.

    Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and member units.

    PetroVietNam Technical Services Corporation (PTSC) and member units.

    Vietnam Post Corporation (VNPOST).

    Vietnam Steel Corporation and member units.

    Vietnam Cement Corporation

    ...and many other units, departments and businesses.

    Success lesson learned: deployment of the AIS system for VNPT

    The AIS administrative information system version 1.0 was developed and deployed by the CTIN in the Main Office - VNPT from 2002 to 2004 and officially started operation in 2004 . The process of deploying systems, architecture, and software was only able to supply for approximately 30 units within the Corporate Unit and about 50 users. To meet the urgent needs of the corporation, since December 2010, CTIN has cooperated with the Information Technology Department of VNPT to conduct surveys, study inquiries, analyze the issues of the old system and sign the contract to upgrade the AIS into a complete system, with flexiblity and expandability along with the following key points:

    Scope of application

    Scope of deployment allows wide open access to provincial telecom, vertical companies, joint ventures, ... The degree of decentralization of the participating units allows for expanding in units, department, center, team; unlimited depth of hierarchy unit.

    Policies, decisions, regulations of the system

  • Issue a complete set of instructions documentation to each specific user object, installation documentation, system administration.
  • Issue policies, regulations for operating the system, associated with each role of the user in processing documents and work.
  • Features of the system

  • Integration with the Group's portal system, single sign on, facilitates the user in the simultaneous operation of multiple systems, in line with the Group's IT master plan.
  • Regarding the workflow of processing documents: unify the entire Group, member units in a single and only trasferring process. The entire process is a closed cycle from the specialist sent to the board, from the team to the board, from the function to the Group leaders and vice versa. Multidimensional interaction between functional departments, units, agencies. Flexibility in declaration, definition of word processing flow, job report. Support for interaction with users, integration with SMS system that enables prompting of documents, new jobs, work due to processing; Assist users in handling the work assigned by leaders of the Group, leaders of the unit. Support creating documents and records for storage and archives.
  • Current AIS sytems of VNPT

    No. Content Peak time
    01. Number of units 6169
    02. Number of users 32824
    03. Number of concurrent users 1050
    04. Number of records per day 68064 stored in DB
    05. Number of visitors per year ~ 2 million/year

    Data during the year:

    No. Content Peak time
    01. Number of documents information processing 10,634,175
    02. Documents capacity ~700GB/year
    03. Number of work information processing 4,901,564
    04. Work capacity ~30GB/year